From medieval shields to 20th-century armies Soviet cavalry, there's a great selection of Elite titles competing for your vote this month. Read the full descriptions and cast your vote by clicking on the link below.


ELI: 7th Armoured Division 1939–45

ELI: Flags and Standards of the American Revolution

ELI: World War I Tunnelling Tactics: The war beneath the trenches

ELI: European Medieval Shields

ELI: Soviet Cavalry 1917–45


7th Armoured Division 1939–45

Formed in 1938, Britain’s 7th Armoured Division won a distinguished reputation in World War II, fighting in North Africa, Italy and North-West Europe. Although poorly equipped at the outbreak of war, the ‘Desert Rats’ were at the forefront of technical and tactical developments in British armoured doctrine, ending the war in Germany and participating in the Berlin Victory Parade.


Flags and Standards of the American Revolution

The armed forces of all of the participants in the American Revolution carried flags and standards, ranging from the regimental colours of the British and their German auxiliaries to the profusion of locally manufactured flags in the hands of the troops fighting for independence. Fully illustrated in colour, this book examines this colourful and distinctive aspect of the conflict.


World War I Tunnelling Tactics: The war beneath the trenches

As the front lines solidified in 1914–15, mining and counter-mining beneath the trenches became a key part of both sides’ war effort in World War I. Fully illustrated, this book explores the mining tactics and technology employed by the Germans and their British and French opponents as both sides sought to break the trench stalemate and counter enemy efforts to do the same.


European Medieval Shields

During the medieval period, European shields evolved as tactics and technology developed and warfare was transformed. This fully illustrated study investigates the shields used in warfare and in tournaments, both by mounted troops and by the infantry, from the kite shield of the Norman Conquest to the pavise employed by missile troops in the Hundred Years’ War.


Soviet Cavalry 1917–45

From the legendary exploits of Budyonny’s 1st Cavalry Army to the major contribution made by Soviet mounted forces in the Great Patriotic War, the ‘Red Cavalry’ was a key part of the Soviet Union’s military effort. Fully illustrated, this book describes and illustrates the Soviet cavalry forces fighting in a host of conflicts from the Russian Civil War to victory over the Axis Powers in 1945.


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Last month we asked you what would you like to see published in our Duel series. Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback, the full results are listed below!


DUE: Ju 87 Stuka vs T-34 (Eastern Front 1941-45)  29%
DUE: Sunderland vs U-boat (Battle of the Atlantic 1940-44)   13%
DUE: Mi-24 ‘Hind’ vs FIM-92 Stinger (Afghanistan 1980-89)  29%
DUE: Royal Navy Torpedo Bombers vs Axis Warships (1939-42)   16%
DUE: PB4Y Liberator vs H6K Mavis/H8K ‘Emily’ (Pacific 1944-45)    13%


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