One of my main goals when writing a game is to give players something that will allow them to express their own creativity, either through the painting of figures, building terrain, creating stories, or devising their own house rules. That is the main reason that I left the whole concept of the ‘oathmark’ so open and vague. I wanted players to be able to really use their imagination to create something cool that really matched the vision of their army, their kingdom, and the world in which they were setting them.

I was completely blown away by the quality and creativity show off in his contest. We got a bit of everything – standing stones, statues, monuments, chapels, ruins, great trees…it’s just awesome! I think everyone who entered should be pleased with their creations.

However, it was a contest, and thus a panel of Osprey Experts have chosen a winner and two runners-up.

And the winner is - Waldo Buchner

There is just something incredibly evocative about Waldo’s creation. It feels both incredibly organic with its rough, natural texture, but at the same time, the paint job gives it a real sense of otherworldliness. I love the little details of the weapons and owl that both help ground it in our reality, but also highlight its size and strange nature. I’m sure it is a glorious addition to his wargaming table!

Runners Up - Dennis Berwick & Gavin Crosby


Dennis Berwick also gave us a piece that played with contrast. Here the contrast is between the heaviness of the stones, but the central standing stone, but also the rocks upon which it sits, and the lightness of the symbol carved into the stone. The symbol starts with looping curves, but then ends in a jagged point, but also both glows with a soft light. You can just see his sorcerer standing in front of that stone working some powerful magic.


Gavin Crosby’s piece, on the other hand, really tells a story. The rough nature of the piece marks it as the oathmark of a rougher people, while the huge pile of weapons that have been tossed as offerings around it, let’s us know that they value martial prowess, probably above all else.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and keep an eye out for the next contest! For anyone who hasn't already, make sure you join the Oathmark Players' Page on Facebook!