Once a great battlefield, the rocky hills and fields of the Marches are now remembered only in burnt fragments of parchment and mouldy, forgotten books. Warlords used fire and sword to carve out kingdoms and led campaigns of war and conquest in the shadows of the ruined empire. It was an age in which men, elves, dwarves, goblins and others lived and worked together; giving their oathmarks to whomever stood strongest and carving their pledges in standing stones, ancient trees, and even the bones of their enemies.

Many of you have got your hands on either a physical or digital copy of Joseph A. McCullough’s Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age, but are you ready for battle? Are your troops painted and ranked up? Is your army list complete? Do you have your scenery prepared?

One piece of scenery you might not have is your oathmark, so we thought we’d run a little contest to encourage you to build one.

A great example created by our very own Chris Cook!

An oathmark is a physical representation of an individual or a group’s loyalty to a specific leader or faction. This may take the form of a statue, standing stone, runic marker, flag, or any other display of allegiance that can be thought of.

If, during a game, an oathmark is required on the board, its base should be no larger than 6” by 6”.

We want you to create your own. We're looking for scratch-built oathmarks rather than ones you have bought and painted, so grab your crafting materials and let your imagination run wild! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

You have until 5th of June to submit your entry, which should be done by posting a picture of it on the Oathmark Players Page on Facebook. Please be sure to include #carveyouroathmark in the post to make it easy for us to find them. The winner will get the Oathmark boxed set of their choice from North Star Military Figures!