Usually at this time of year the Osprey Games team would have flown over to the US for Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions on the planet. This year is a little different, but the organizers at Gen Con have done a fantastic job in creating Gen Con Online, a virtual conventions for us all to enjoy!

The virtual convention sees publishers, designers, and content creators putting out some fantastic stuff for everyone to enjoy, so be sure to check it out!

Here at Osprey Games, we’ve got some news on new releases and digital goodies planned to release over the next few days, starting today with a promo scenario for Undaunted: North Africa, created by designers David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin!


In Scenario 12: The Prize, the LRDG are tasked with neutralizing a damaged Italian Tank, but they must make sure they protect their own vehicles or else the Italian’s could claim victory!

You can download a PDF of the scenario for free here, or if you have Tabletop Simulator you can download it from the Steam Workshop.

If you don't have Undaunted: North Africa yet but want to add it to your collection, check out the Gen Con store, as copies are available to order from there!

We’ve also launched our summer sale, with a huge range of books and games available at a 25% discount and eBooks available at 40% off! Browse our webstore to see what’s available!


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