Want to known what the Osprey Games team have been working on this week? Here's our weekly hobby update! 

Phil Smith - Head of Osprey Games

Last weekend was somewhat productive (by my standards, anyway) and, alongside the reading and gardening, I painted my six pikemen.

I went with a pretty simple paint scheme, and one that, as it happens, is vaguely Stark-like - brown leather armour over blue-grey tunics. I used a couple of different browns for the armour, just for a little variety, and while it's somewhat noticeable on the figures, I should probably have switched to a different wash instead. Where I did use a different (for me) wash was on the armour. Normally, I just use Army Painter Soft Tone over everything, but for these guys I went with Dark Tone on the metal elements. I really like the effect on the helmets - it makes them feel a bit more rough and veteran.
All told, I really like these guys, and will be starting on some swordsmen to accompany them over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend... Unless I get distracted by something else.
I still have no idea what faction these guys will end up forming.

Chris Cook - Games Assistant

I'm currently in the process of painting up these guys from Crusader Miniatures. They are intended as the Compagnies Franche de la Marine in their regular uniforms rather than campaign dress. The unit will eventually consist of 20 figures including command, ready to be used in Muskets and Tomahawks or Rebels and Patriots

Pete Ward - Games Marketer

Given that we can't meet up to play games, I've been playing more video games than usual - Deep Rock Galactic in particular. It's a game where you play as Dwarves going on interstellar mining missions, and that's clearly had an effect on what I wanted to work on this week.
Firstly, I put together a unit of 10 Dwarf Linebreakers for Oathmark using the Dwarf Heavy Infantry miniatures. The leader will either be a Dwarf Champion or a Dwarf Prince / King due to his gloriously long beard, although in the background there you can see his rival for the throne. I'll hopefully get them painted over the long weekend.
I also got round to painting my first spaceship from Brigade Games - it isn't finished yet, I want to go over it and add highlights to brighten the colours, but it shouldn't take too much longer. This is the first I've painted, but it really was a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to getting to some more.