We are delighted to announce that in December 2020 we will be publishing the 4th title in the Osprey Roleplaying line – Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades: Wuxia Roleplaying by Brendan Davis and Jeremy Bai, with artwork by Kagan McLeod.

Inspired by the darkly themed wuxia books and films, such as the novels of Gu Long or movies such as The Bride with White Hair, the game transports players to a romanticized ancient China, where they inhabit a unique martial world, or Jianghu.

The game is based on a simple ten-sided dice pool mechanic, and play is designed to be gritty, suspenseful, and fast, so the focus remains on solving mysteries and roleplaying your character. When combat does arise, it is consequential and swift, and often resolved in a single role of the dice. This rulebook includes a sample martial world and a starting adventure, as well as guidelines for games masters looking to run wuxia games and create their own unique Jianghu, rife with martial experts, sects, and mysterious locations.

 “Wuxia has been an integral part of my life for two decades, and roleplaying games for three, so I couldn't be more delighted to have had a hand in creating what I believe is the most authentic, exciting wuxia roleplaying game in existence!” commented Jeremy ‘Deathblade’ Bai, “As authors and designers, we took inspiration from legends like Gu Long and Chang Cheh, and created an RPG that brings their styles of wuxia to life at the gaming table.”


Talking about their aims with Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades, Brendan Davis said “We strove for a system that was fast and lethal, that emulated darker films like Magic Blade and The Bride with White Hair, and books like Heroes Shed No Tears.”


Senior Games Developer Filip Hartelius added that “This is a book filled to the brim with martial heroes with incredible abilities, unique weapons steeped in character, and a deep and storied world. For those new to wuxia, Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades offers ample resources to make jumping in quick and easy, while long-time fans of the genre will find themselves immersed in a loving homage to all their favourite films and novels.”



Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades is a roleplaying game of dark adventure and heroic thrills inspired by the wuxia stories of Gu Long. Players assume the roles of eccentric heroes who solve mysteries, avenge misdeeds, uphold justice, and demonstrate profound mastery of the martial arts.

Delve into the towns, temples, and inns of the martial world in a China of both history and legend, rife with mysterious sects and dangerous characters. Whether a veteran of the genre or a complete novice, Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blades provides all the tools to start your own wuxia adventures.


About Brendan Davis

Brendan Davis is a writer and game designer from Boston. He earned a bachelor's degree in history from Salem State University. In 2009 he launched Bedrock Games with his business partner William Butler. His interests range from ancient Rome to the martial arts, and this is reflected in the wide variety of games he has written. Most recently, he released the wuxia RPG Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate and its supplements. He presently resides in Lynn, Massachusetts, with his wife Anoma.

About Jeremy “Deathblade” Bai

Jeremy Bai is a translator and writer who specializes in Chinese genres such as wuxia, xianxia, and xuanhuan. Most of his work is published on Wuxiaworld.com under the pen name Deathblade. To date, he has translated over 13,000,000 Chinese characters, making him one of the most prolific translators of Chinese fantasy fiction in the world. He also runs a YouTube channel devoted to explaining the literary conventions and cultural aspects of Chinese fantasy. He lived in China from 2010-2018, and currently resides in Southern California with his wife and children.