We are sorry to receive the sad news of the passing, on 23 August, of the Osprey author Peter Abbott, who died peacefully after a short illness. Peter was, at the age of 90, one of the real veterans of research and writing in our field, and is an irreplaceable loss. He made a particular study of armies in Africa, a rare specialism which made his work unusually valuable. He was always generous with his knowledge, and many other contributors owe him a debt of gratitude. Peter's Men-at-Arms titles included MAA 183, Modern African Wars (1): Rhodesia 1965–80 (with Philip Botham); MAA 492, Modern African Wars (4): The Congo 1960–2002; MAA 379, Armies in East Africa 1914–18; MAA 131, Germany's Eastern Front Allies 1941–45 (with Nigel Thomas) and MAA 202, Modern African Wars (2): Angola and Mozambique 1961–74 (with Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues).