A Billion Suns is the new wargame from Mike Hutchinson, designer of the multi-award-winning Gaslands: Refuelled. Keep an eye on the official A Billion Suns website and the Osprey Games blogs for more news and updates about the game!

Last week we took a look at a small fleet that was getting ready for interstellar battle in A Billion Suns, the upcoming wargame from Gaslands creator Mike Hutchinson. Today we’re going to be making some asteroids for the game, from things you may already have around at home or can easily get hold of.

What You’ll Need

Tin foil
Toilet paper
A pencil
PVA glue
Little sci-fi bits (optional)
Plastic flight stands (optional – they can just lie directly on the table)

Step One

Scrunch the tin foil into asteroid shapes, which for A Billion Suns these should be roughly 1-3” in diameter, and use the back of the pencil to create craters on the surface if you wish.

Step Two

Using wet sheets of toilet paper, cover your asteroids completely. I did a couple of layers to get good coverage. Leave these to dry overnight, then the following day the tin foil should be encased in a hard white shell of dried toilet paper.

To make them extra durable, I then painted over them with some watered down PVA glue and left that to dry.

Step Three

Once they are completely dry, you can add any of the sci-fi bits to the asteroids if you want. Luckily I had one of the Gaslands: Implements of Carnage frames from North Star Military Figures close at hand, so used some of the pieces from that to create little space bases on the surface of some of the asteroids (and in case you are wondering, those are the two parts of the minigun, the roof turret ring, and a Radar Dish)

Step Four

Once all that is done, it’s on to painting. A dark undercoat followed by drybrushing works a treat on these, giving you some fairly straight-forward asteroids. Of course, you can be a bit more ambitious with your colours than I was, and you may find there are other people at home who are happy to help you paint asteroids as you prepare for A Billion Suns.

Hopefully you’ve found this interesting. There are plenty of other ways you can make asteroids for your game, this is just one possibility!

A Billion Suns is coming this February. Will you be joining the mad gold-rush for the stars?