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Attendees of Aw Shux (and Osprey blog regulars), it's time for the 'What did they say?' quiz. Prove your worth as a tabletop gamer with these multiple choice questions. When you're finished, highlight the bracketed text beneath each question and total up your score for convention bragging rights.

Let's begin...

In which game are players most likely to say the following sentences? 

“I will trade you two sheep for one wood” 

  1. Pandemic 

  1. Ticket to Ride 

  1. Catan 

 (Catan                        )

“ With the Snapcaster’s trigger on the stack I cast spell pierce, targeting your mana leak” 

  1. Gloomhaven 

  1. Magic: The Gathering 

  1. Wizard Wars 

(Magic: The Gathering)

 spend 8 heat to increase temperature one step”

  1. Kitchen Rush 

  1. Terraforming Mars 

  1. Power Grid 

(Terraforming Mars       )

I’ll play Negotiate to swap Moray and Essex and remove a Scottish follower from Devon” 

  1. Pax Pamir 

  1. Cousin’s War 

(King is Dead                 )

“ I’ll
 move the President to 
the copper mine 

  1. Watergate 

  1. Caverna 

  1. Yokohama 

(Yokohama                     )

“I’ll prefect to gain 6 

  1. Glory to Rome 

  1. Agricola 

  1. Concordia 

(Concordia                      )

“It’s about the cones”

  1. Broom Service 

  1. Cones of Dunshire 

  1. Formula D 

(Cones of Dunshire                )

Anyone got an XO?” 

  1. Battlestar Galactica 

  1. Fog of Love 

  1. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 

(Battlestar Galactica               )

My readied action goes off and I deal 8d6 fire damage to all enemies within 30ft of that point.” 

  1. Dungeons and Dragons 

  1. X-Wing 

  1. Warhammer 40k 

( Dungeons and Dragons         )

We know two bad guys went on that mission, so she’s unlikely to be Percival unless he was deliberately proposing a bad mission and hoping it got voted down” 

  1. The Resistance: Avalon 

  1. Shadows Over Camelot 

(The Resistance: Avalon           )

’ll place my master meeple in the third action slot, chose the Mosque site, place a building, generate 2 teal, and gain a favour 

  1. Marco Polo 

  1. Istanbul 

(Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road)

You have the most warp tiles on the timeline tile, so you need to roll the paradox dice” 

  1.  Twilight Imperium 

  1. Etherfields 

  1. Anachrony 

 (Anachrony                                    )

To find the answers to each question, just highlight the space betwene the brackets. Then, total up your score and check the chart below. Discover your High Society ranking and brag about it online to us @OspreyGames


0 - 4 Correct Answers - Scandale!
5 - 7 Correct Answers - Faux Pas!
8 - 11 Correct Answers - Champagne
12 Correct Answers -  Haute Cuisine

ScandaleFaux Pas CardChampagneHaute Cuisine