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Imperium: Classics & Imperium: Legends
 are out now and many of you have been exploring everything that they have to offer. With so much depth from their asymmetrical civilsations, it’s a deck-builder like no other. Whether you love the striking art from The Mico, the solo campaign from Nigel Buckle and David Turczi, or the deep replayability from the 16 unique factions, they really have something for everyone.

Imperium hit the BGG Hotlist no.1 spot this week and we're incredibly proud! So we’ve been intercepting the ravens to find out what all the fuss is about:

Do you want to learn how to play Imperium but not sure where to start? One Stop Coop Shop have you covered with their helpful tutorial. Take a look:

Our friends over at BGG have just a few days left on their contest to win copeis of Imperium: Classics & Imperum: Legends. For your chance to enter, head to their page. You're just a few questions away!

Not many people played the previous incarnation of Imperium. SlickerDrips over on YouTube was one of the few who ran a review of the previous version. But what does he think of the game now? Find out in his live playthrough (with its designer in the chat!)!

With reviews flying around online, we found an excellent piece over on the BGG forums from @thecrazyscotsman who covered it's campaign solo mode. 
"It's already been so very worth it for me. I feel like I'm experiencing history when I play it."

Read it here.

Finally today we just listened to the incredible WeAreNotWizards podcast. This week they had special guests Nigel Buckle and David Turczi, the designers of Imperium. With plenty of banter (*cough David cough*), this little peek behind the curtain was a blast to listen to.

Hear the full episode here.

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The Egyptians
The Persians
The Mauryans
The Celts
The Qin Dynasty
The Romans
The Macedonians
The Minoans
The Olmecs
The Scythians
The Atlanteans
The Arthurians


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