Today we proudly announce the arrival of our latest RPG hardback from the talented John-Matthew DeFoggi, Jackals: The Fall of the Children of BronzeThe new book is a grand campaign for his game Jackals that came out earlier this year. Inspired by the myths, cultures, and history of the Ancient Near East, we cannot wait for you to bring to your gaming tables.

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Jackals Cover

You ask what the Jackals do in the Zaharets. I ask you, what happens if they do nothing?
- Nawsi Namar of Orsem Honess, speaking to the Sar of Ameena Noani

The Fall of the Children of Bronze
 is a grand campaign for Jackals, and includes all new adventures spanning 9 years. Players will explore the ancient myths and legends of the War Road, from the bustling streets of Ameena Noani in the north and Sentem in the south, to abandoned temples in the wastes and mansions deep within the earth. They will encounter beings and powers from the past - ancient but far from dormant - and come face to face with the hidden hand that would bring chaos to the Zaharets.

Jackals Art

There is a whole world of wonders to discover in Jackals. Why not explore further with our Designer Diary Series from author J-M DeFoggi?

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What better way to immerse yourself in the world of an RPG author than playing with the author? Join J-M over on the Iconic Production YouTube channel and watch his very own Jackals campaign!

Are you ready to run a game of Jackals? Grab your players and head over to Roll20 where you can find some handy character sheets.

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