The first supplement for Stargrave launches on September 16th. Stargrave: Quarantine 37 has a whole host of new content from a solo campaign to new character backgrounds, there's a lot to get excited for. Whilst we get our miniatures ready, we thought that we would hand the blog over to Joseph A. McCullough this week to see how he went about creating the setting for his latest book...

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The setting of Stargrave is almost infinitely large. It includes umpteen-million worlds, every kind of alien imaginable, and more ways to die than can fit in a phone book. I wanted the game to feel vast, so that players can bring whatever ideas and trappings they want to it, without feeling constrained by the setting.

However, when it comes to specific adventures, it is often fun to flip that idea on its head. Sure, space is vast, but most of space would kill a person in an instant. Unless you are on a planet that supports life – your type of life – then you are probably just floating in the void, protected by nothing more than the walls of your spaceship or space station. It’s only those walls that are holding in the air, the heat, and the pressure you need to survive. Suddenly, ‘the world’ becomes very small, very enclosed. In such situations, it’s easy to feel trapped… especially if there is something else inside with you, something that thinks you are tasty…

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That’s what Quarantine 37 is about. The crews go investigating a derelict space station in the hopes of scoring some big loot, but very quickly it becomes more about survival, about escape. You see there are alien bugs in the station… as well as zombies. I couldn’t decide which was cooler, so I wrote rules and campaigns for both. And really, it doesn’t matter how many of either you kill, there will always be more. Your only chance is to make it back to your ship and high-tail it out of there – if you can!

I also included a 4-part solo campaign to play-through on the station, because I thought players might enjoy the tension of playing alone, in the dark…

So, whether players want the military-style action of the film Aliens, or the running up and down corridors so familiar to episodes of Doctor Who, hopefully they’ll be plenty in the book to enjoy.

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That's it for another week. We'll be back when Stargrave: Quarantine 37 launches next week!

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