The Silver Bayonet is a skirmish wargame of gothic horror set during the Napoleonic Wars. Each player forms an elite band of monster hunters drawn from the ranks of one of the great powers. Riflemen, swordsmen, and engineers fight side-by-side with mystics, occultists, and even those few supernatural creatures that can be controlled or reasoned with enough to make common cause. The game can be played solo, co-operatively, or competitively, with players progressing through a series of interlinked adventures with their soldiers gaining experience and suffering grievous wounds, and their units triumphing… or falling in the face of the shadows. It is a game of action and adventure, where musket and sabre meet tooth and claw.

Halloween is nearly upon us, and the nightmare creatures of the darkness have nearly arrived. Our latest skirmish wargame, The Silver Bayonet launches in early November and we know that many players are keen to know what miniatures they can get painting. The wait is over. Choose wisely!

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Selecting Soldiers

We will be teasing more of The Silver Bayonet over the next couple of weeks.
Make sure to stay tuned to the Osprey Games social media for more details.

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