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From the designers of the award-winning deduction game Cryptid, the talented Hal Duncan & Ruth Veevers, we are proud to announce the arrival of the new stand-alone spiritual sequel, Cryptid: Urban Legends. It’s the perfect 2-player abstract deduction game to get your mind racing! The hunt begins at all good game stores today. 

"With Cryptid: Urban Legends, we wanted to focus on a tense head-to-head duel where each player is simultaneously posing a puzzle to the other player, and trying to solve a puzzle of their own. As a design team, and as players, we enjoy exploring a single mechanic or principle. In Cryptid, this was induction; here in Urban Legends we wanted to play with the bones of hidden movement games in a fast, tight game space.

It’s a design journey that took around 7 years and many, many iterations to crystallise into a tricky but satisfying experience that we’re really proud of. A big deviation from the original Cryptid is that in moving the genesis of the puzzle from the game system to the players, we now present a single opening state and ask the players to build up their tactics and strategies around themselves as they play. We’ve really enjoyed developing our own styles over our own plays of the game, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing new ideas emerge as new players approach the game."

- Hal Duncan & Ruth Veevers

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There's something hiding among us: an elusive cryptid is prowling our city streets. The evidence is clear but, without definitive proof, the scientific community will never believe you.There's nothing else to be done -
you must track down this cryptid yourself!

Play as a determined Scientist manipulating heat, movement, and sonic sensors to scan the city, identify your quarry's true location, and capture them. Or take the role of a Cryptid, snaking your way through the shadows and back alleys of the metropolis that surrounds you, eliminating all evidence of your existence as you go, desperately avoiding capture. Emerging victorious in this high stakes cat-and-mouse chase, played out across a sprawling urban landscape, will require all your ingenuity and foresight.

Cryptid: Urban Legends is a tense asymmetric game of abstract deductive reasoning for two players from the creators of Cryptid.

Players: 2
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 20-40 minutes
Contents: 41 cards, 10 plastic cubes, 9 plastic discs


Are you ready to learn more?
Find out about the features of Cryptid: Urban Legends with senior game designer Filip Hartelius.

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