Jackals: Travellers on the War Road, the newest supplement for our Bronze Age fantasy roleplaying series, is out today. Read on to find out more and order your copy...


A supplement for Jackals, introducing new rites, talents, and virtues for players as well as an exploration of the history and cultures of the Zaharets.

Jackals: Travellers on the War Road is a supplement exploring the regions of the Zaharets and the cultures established in Jackals. It expands the lore for each of the four cultures introduced in the core book – Luathi, Gerwa, Melkoni, and Trauj – describing their various tribes, clans, and city-states, their beliefs, strongholds, and day-to-day lives, adding more nuance and depth to the world and giving players more ways to personalize their characters. New rites, virtues, and talents provide further customization options, while adventure hooks scattered throughout the book hint at new menaces to be battled, new challenges to be overcome... and new glories to be won!


Jackals: Travellers on the War Road is out now.
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