We recently released Pulp! by Marco Arnaudo and have been delighted to hear how much you’ve all been enjoying playing it so far. With that said, we wanted to address an issue that was picked up post-release.

Unfortunately during the publishing process a reference to solo and co-operative play was included in the description for the book, which was not removed before publication despite these play modes not featuring in the final game. We’re really sorry that this happened and have been working with Marco behind the scenes to make this material available to you as soon as possible to ensure that everyone can play this game in these modes should they wish to do. A huge thank you to Marco for dropping everything to get this sorted!

So, with that, we’re very pleased to make this available to you now as a free, downloadable PDF which can be found here. We will be posting this in all of the forums that we’re active in but would encourage you to share this with your friends and fellow players.

Once again, we’re incredibly sorry that the information about this game was incorrect on release but hope that you enjoy playing the game with these new modes.

Download it on our gaming resources page here.

Please note that the description has now been amended and will be corrected on the print version in our upcoming reprint.

Many thanks,

Team Osprey Games