Written by Ash Barker & illustrated by Brainbug Design

Explore a wild new frontier with solo, cooperative, and competitive scenarios and new soldiers, creatures, and equipment rooted in the history and folklore of Canada.

Far from the battlefields of Europe, another war is being fought. In the vast lands of North America, Britain and the United States clash once again and, in the shadow of this conflict, the otherworldly Harvestmen pursue their devious plans, feasting on the rage and terror of mortals. In the face of this menace, however, brave folk, seconded from the military or recruited from the local populace, band together to take the fight to the sinister Harvestmen and their minions.

Canada is a supplement for The Silver Bayonet that brings players and their officers across the Atlantic and straight into the War of 1812. It offers new scenarios, solo and cooperative as well as competitive; rules for recruiting US units; and creatures and challenges drawn
from Canadian history and folklore.

The Silver Bayonet: Canada will be available later this year.

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A footer banner for The Silver Bayonet with a black-and-white illustration of a Napoleonic soldier holding a sabre stood in front of a werewolf head mounted on a wall. Beside it are the words: "In Britain, a secret award - the Silver Bayonet - is presented to those soldiers brave or fortunate enough to have faced those creatures...and survived."