Want a sneak peek at some of the new rules inside Frostgrave: The Wildwoods, available now, from author Joseph A. McCullough? Look no further...

The weather in Frostgrave is generally bad, but up until now, it has mostly remained in the background. The reason is simple - if the weather is awful, wizards just don't go outside! A blizzard is an excuse to stay inside the base, curl up with a good grimoire, and sip a warm potion of knowledge. Save the exploring and adventuring for a day when the sun is shining. However, when a wizard is on an expedition outside of the city, they can't avoid the elements. Okay, some wizards can summon a storm to make things even worse, but, for the most part, the weather is going to do just what it wants, and the warbands are going to have to deal with it. For that reason, I included a new weather table in Frostgrave: The Wildwoods... just to make the wizard's day that little bit worse.


An image of the Inclement Weather Table from Frostgrave: The Wildwoods, showing what weather phenomenon is tied to what result rolled an a d20

"The Inclement Weather Table is for players who would like to bring the danger and uncertainty of weather conditions to their games of Frostgrave. It can be used for games set anywhere, but works best for those set in the wilderness, where shelter is generally hard to come by. Just be aware that when playing specific Frostgrave scenarios, there are often a lot of special rules already in play and adding weather might be too much for some players to keep track of and remember. As with everything, the table is another tool you can use for bringing drama to your games, but only should be employed if it makes the games more enjoyable.

When using inclement weather in your games, roll a die right before warbands are deployed onto the table. The table indicates if there is any inclement weather and any special rules that are in play because of it. These rules remain in play until such time as two or more players roll the same number for an Initiative Roll. If this occurs, make a new roll on the Inclement Weather Table to see what new weather is in play. So, while it is theoretically possible for the weather conditions to change every turn (probably the lingering results of the magical storm that destroyed the city) this is unlikely."


Frostgrave: The Wildwoods is out now.

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