For this week's Imperium: Horizons civilisation spotlight we're covering the Magyars...

An illustration of the Magyar leader Almos armoured and holding a bow on horseback, alongside the text: "IMPERIUM: HORIZONS, CIVILISATION SPOTLIGHT: THE MAGYARS, DESIGNED BY NIGEL BUCKLE AND DÁVID TURCZI"

Today on the blog we are looking at the Magyars. If you are new to Imperium, then we recommend you start with them as they are one of the least complex civilisations in Imperium Horizons.

From early in the 9th Century CE, thundering across the plains of what is now Hungary came the rampaging Magyars. You start the game as nomads and will want to get some good hunting regions into play (featuring the new “hunting grounds” icon) to maximise your Hunters and Nomads card. Then you can disrupt your opponents as you play them.

Your early game will be kickstarted with your two leaders, Emese and her son Almos – which cards you use these two to acquire can set your strategy for the whole game.

A sample spread of cards from the Magyar deck from Imperium: Horizons, titled left to right; Magyars, Hunters and Nomans, Emese and Almos

The Magyars will stay in a Barbarian state for a while, with 9 nation cards to cycle through – representing the centuries during which they were the most feared raiders in all of Europe. You’ll need to capitalise on this time to play your Glory card, as unlike other civilisations, this has a Barbarian icon so cannot be played after you flip your state to Empire. This happens once Conversion to Christianity is reached and added to your discard pile. Historically, around 1000 CE, once the Magyar tribes settled, converted to Christianity and the Kingdom of Hungary was created, the raids stopped.

Now your focus shifts a little and Unrest management becomes easier after you develop your Bishoprics card. You’ll want both Conversion to Christianity and the founder of the Hungarian nation Saint Stephen I in your history to be able to develop your big scoring card Holy Right. This holy relic is said to be the miraculously preserved hand of Saint Stephen and has been displayed in Hungary since Stephen was canonised in 1038CE.

A sample spread of cards from the Magyar deck from Imperium: Horizons, titled left to right: Conversion to Christianity, Saint Stephen I, Bishoprics and Holy Right

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