Lockheed Blackbird Beyond the Secret Missions The Missing Chapters, is my last book about this remarkable series of ground-breaking aircraft. The new book consists of nearly forty-percent of additional content compared to its predecessor following the declassification of more documents. To create additional space, we decided to remove the detailed record of Detachment 1 missions and provide this additional content on the website. We’ve also included my attempt to record a similar document for Detachment 4 – this is an ongoing process and we’d welcome the input of others! Finally, we’ve included the individual aircraft flight log of those aircraft used by the test crews of Detachment 6, at Palmdale. I hope that both enthusiasts and future researchers will find this information interesting and of use.

Log One

Log Two

Log Three

Log Four

Log Five

Log Six

Log Seven

Log Eight

Log Nine

Log Ten

Log Eleven

Log Twelve

Log Thirteen

Log Fourteen

Log Fifteen

Log Sixteen

Log Seventeen

Log Eighteen

Log Nineteen

Log Twenty

Log Twenty One

Log Twenty Two

Log Twenty Three

Log Twenty Four

Log Twenty Five

Log Twenty Six

Log Twenty Seven

Log Twenty Eight

Log Twenty Nine

Log Thirty

Log Thirty One

Log Thirty Two

Log Thirty Three

Log Thirty Four

Log Thirty Five

Det One Log

Detachment 4 Log