Written by Joseph A. McCullough & Illustrated by Helge C. Balzer

"I haven’t been this excited for the launch of a new supplement in a long time. With its focus on spaceships and encounters in space between scenarios, Bold Endeavour brings major new mechanical and narrative elements to the game that I hope players are really going to love."
- Joseph A. McCullough

Stargrave supplement of exploration and adventure,
full of strange and wonderful alien worlds, species, and technologies.

Just beyond the rim of what was once ‘civilized space’ lies the vast, colourful expanse of the Crokoan Nebula. Seeking their fortunes, bold independent crews press deep into this largely unexplored sector. But the Ravaged Galaxy is a dangerous place, and the threats that crews face are not limited to those found on a planet’s surface. In fact, more independent crews meet their ends in the dark void of space than are wiped out in gunfights. Black holes, asteroid fields, and even the legendary space kraken can all destroy a ship and its crew. It takes a deft hand on the controls, a sharp eye on navigation, and a bit of wizardry with the engines to fly between the stars.

This supplement for­ Stargrave focuses on the ships that serve as the crews’ transports, strategic headquarters, and homes, including new upgrades, a damage system, and rules for crew assignments such as piloting, gunnery, and navigation. New powers, soldiers, technology, and backgrounds for captains and first mates help reinforce crews, while rules for space encounters – dangerous, interesting, and potentially profitable incidents – and five new scenarios bring them face to face with strange alien species and other terrifying dangers in weird and wonderful locations, from unexplored planets to the depths of space.­

Stargrave: Bold Endeavour is out now in the UK and US.

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