Written by Arthur van der Ster & illustrated by Mark Stacey

"With Hot Lead and Cold Steel will give American Civil War players exactly that:
large armies, large battles, fast and furious gameplay. A total American Civil War
gaming experience whilst enjoying hot snacks and cold drinks."
- Arthur van der Ster

A set of wargaming rules for fighting large battles set during the American Civil War.

From the First Bull Run to Appomattox Court House, enter one of the defining conflicts of American history. With shot, shell, and sabre, guide the armies of the Blue and the Grey through this first modern war to determine the fate of a nation.

With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is a large-scale, mass-battle wargame for recreating the American Civil War. Designed to handle brigade and divisional level engagements while providing a balance between ease of play and period detail, With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is ideal for new gamers and wargaming veterans alike. It contains everything players need to raise armies and craft scenarios, whether based upon historical campaigns and orders of battle or those of their own devising.

With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is out today on the UK and will be out in the US January 2024.

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