The Silver Bayonet: Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx is out a week today! For our second blog, we're giving you a sneak peak at one of the supplement's new Egyptian playable units...

As well as a host of new monsters, new rules, and one competitive and one solo/co-op campaign, The Silver Bayonet: Egypt also introduces a brand-new faction to the wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror - Egypt. Before we give you a sneak peak at the full Egyptian recruitment list, here's what author Joseph A. McCullough had to say about this new Nation:

"When players pick up a new The Silver Bayonet book, I suspect most immediately flip to the new soldier types available. For this title, I included one new Nationality – Egypt – but this added several different troop types, some of which may also be recruited by other nations. Egypt was a mess politically during this period – theoretically part of the Ottoman Empire, but ruled in reality by the Mamelukes. So, while the book contains Egyptians, including worshippers of the ancient gods, there are also stats for Mamelukes, Bedouin raiders, Ottoman Janissaries, and I even squeezed in a Knight of Malta (as Napoleon captured Malta on the way!)."
Joseph A. McCullough, author of The Silver Bayonet

An extract from The Silver Bayonet: Egypt, reading: "EGYTIAN RECRUITMENT LIST: Artillerist, Bedouin Raider, Champion of Faith, Doctor, Egyptian Conscript, Follower of the Old Gods, Infantryman, Irregular, Janissary, Junior Officer, Light Cavalryman, Mameluke, Native Scout, Occultist, Sailor, Sapper, Supernatural Investigator, Veteran Hunter

You'll notice there are a bunch of entirely new and exciting soldiers, and we're giving you more information about one in particular on today's blog. Check out a tease of the Janissary's unit description below - alongside an awesome piece of artwork by Brainbug Design and the North Star Military Figures sculpt that it inspired...

An illustration in a black and white, sketch-like style depicting a Napoleonic-era Egyptian soldier wearing a turban and eyepatch, holding a blunderbuss, and with a curved sword at his hip A photo of a fully painted miniature figure for wargaming, closely modelled on the previous illustration


Nationalities: Egypt

At one time, the Janissaries were the elite infantry of the Ottoman Empire. However, by the
time of the Napoleonic Wars, their numbers had hugely multiplied, while their glory and
once vaunted martial prowess had faded. The Janissaries found in Egypt are perhaps even less
notable, as they served in a ‘backwater’ territory barely under Ottoman control. Still, most
Janissaries were competent soldiers, as deft with a musket as with a blade."

To find the Janissary's full stat block - and for even more unique Egyptian units from Bedouin Raiders and Mamelukes to Followers of the Old Gods - get your copy of The Silver Bayonet: Egypt.

And find the rest of the all-new, official Egyptian Unit miniatures on the North Star website.

The Silver Bayonet: Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx is out May 23rd in the UK
and will be out in the US June 25th.

Pre-order today.

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