Fw 190 Sturmjäger

Defence of the Reich 1943–45

Fw 190 Sturmjäger cover


An illustrated account of how the USAAF's might was challenged by the Jagdflieger and their heavily armed, and armoured, Fw 190A-8 Sturmjäger.

Developed from one of the finest fighters of World War II, the radial-engined Fw 190A-8 was conceived as a heavy assault aircraft and armed accordingly. Its mission was to provide a response to the increasing numbers of USAAF B-17 and B-24 bombers operating against targets in the western and central Reich.

This book explores the fascinating feats of the men flying the Fw 190A-8 and its subvariants. These pilots were given exceptional training and many were volunteers, some of whom were willing to sign oaths that they would bring down a bomber at all costs – even if it meant ramming the enemy aircraft.

Using first-hand accounts, archival photos, full-colour illustrations, maps and tactical diagrams, acclaimed Luftwaffe expert Robert Forsyth puts readers in the cockpit of a Sturmjäger defending the Fatherland from USAAF bombers protected by powerful Allied escort fighters.

Table of Contents

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1. In Battle
2. Setting the Scene
3. Path to Combat
4. Weapon of war
5. Art of War
6. Combat

Product details

Published Apr 23 2024
Format Paperback
Edition 1st
Extent 80
ISBN 9781472857460
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations Colour illustrations, diagrams and maps; black & white and colour photographs and illustrations.
Dimensions 10 x 7 inches
Series Dogfight
Short code DOG 11
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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