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Battles that drag on for long periods have a tendency to evolve far beyond their origins, in terms of scale and the objectives of the two sides. The Rzhev sector came under German control in the last thrusts towards Moscow, at a time when the Soviet capital seemed to be tantalisingly close; the subsequent Soviet counteroffensive tore huge holes in the German line, and when the front stabilised, the two exhausted armies warily faced each other on a front line that bent back on itself, creating a great salient that projected towards the north, just 70 miles (120km) to the west of Moscow

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Bud was a member of the 357th Fighter Group, known as “The Yoxford Boys” after Lord Haw-Haw “welcomed” them to England the day they arrived at their new base at Yoxford. Originally assigned to the Ninth Air Force, the 357th was to be the third group equipped with the new P-51B Mustang - and the third assigned to the Ninth Air Force, a tactical force.

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The German View of Dunkirk: 26th May 1940

On the morning of 26 May key commanders assembled at the fourth floor of the Calais Opera House, on the Boulevard Leon Gambetta. It provided excellent observation, completely overlooking Nicholson’s perimeter. They gathered amid an air of tense expectancy. At SaintPol airfield Messerschmitt fighter pilot Leutnant von Kageneck with Jägergeschwader I recalled, ‘we were waiting ready strapped into our cockpits as the bomb-laden Stukas crossed over’.

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