The Peninsular War Atlas (Revised)

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The Peninsular War Atlas (Revised)

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Now back in print, this new and revised edition of The Peninsular War Atlas has added new and updated maps and content to reflect the latest research into the long struggle for control of the Iberian Peninsula, all in an attractive slip case gift package.

Colonel Nick Lipscombe, who is based in Spain and is the chairman of the Peninsular War 200 organization, has used his unique perspective to make this new edition the very best study of the subject on the market. The Peninsular War saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the Napoleonic Wars. Over a period of five years it is estimated that half a million soldiers and civilians were killed in this bloodbath, however the battles there are far less well-known than other Napoleonic battles like Waterloo. Despite the exposure given this theatre in the Sharpe novels, the soldiers who fought there have received little public recognition. The bicentennial commemorations of this war aim to bring the war to wider recognition, bringing the Spanish, Portuguese and British together in remembering the dead, and re-examining the war in a balanced way.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Duke of Wellington

Introduction by Professor Charles Esdaile

Junot's Invasion of Portugal
The Road to War – The First Six Months of 1808
The Spanish Backlash and the French Response: May–June 1808
The First Siege of Zaragoza, 15 June–14 August 1808
Operations in the North: The Battle of Medina de Rióseco
Capitulation at Bailén: The Greatest Spanish Victory of the War
French Failures and British Intervention
The Liberation of Portugal
Strategic Manoeuvring: September to October 1808
Napoleonic Intervention: November 1808
Napoleon enters Madrid and Moore enters Spain
The Campaign in Catalonia: autumn 1808
Isolation and Retreat: December 1808 to January 1809
Napoleon Departs for France: the Situation in Early 1809
Continued French Success: February and March 1908
The Second French Invasion of Portugal: January to March 1809
Wellesley Returns
Suchet: An Inauspicious Start
The Talavera Campaign: May to July 1809
The End of the Talavera Campaign: August 1809
The Disastrous Autumn Campaign: 1809
The Capture of Girona: May to December 1809
Subjugation of Andalusia: January to February 1810
Aragon and the East Coast: January to May 1810
1810: The Year of Sieges
The Third French Invasion of Portugal
The Lines of Torres Vedras
Offensive on the East Coast: Tortosa
Soult's Invasion of Estremadura: January to March 1811
The South of Spain: January to March 1811
Masséna: Retreat and Demise, March to May 1811
The Allied Campaign in Estremadura: March to August 1811
The Watershed: mid-1811
Figueras & Tarragona: The East Coast, April to August 1811
Border Skirmishes: June to September 1811
The Conquest of Valencia: September 1811 to January 1812
The Culmination of a Year of Mixed Fortunes: December 1811
Capturing the 'Keys to Spain': January to April 1812
The Salamanca Campaign: Opening Moves, June and July 1812
The Battle of Salamanca (Los Arapiles): 22 July 1812
Suchet's Consolidation on the East Coast: January to July 1812
After Salamanca: July to August 1812
Failure, Humiliation and Retreat: September to November 1812
Prologue to Vitoria: January to May 1813
Operations on the East Coast: Late 1812 to April 1813
Victory Over King Joseph: The Vitoria Campaign, May to June 1813
While Wellington Waits, Soult Takes the Initiative: July 1813
The Battle of the Pyrenees: 25 July to 1 August 1813
The East Coast: May to September 1813
The Fall of San Sebastián: August and September 1813
The Allies Enter France: October 1813
To the Gates of Bayonne: October to December 1813
Respite Precedes the Storm: December 1813 to February 1814
Final Confrontation ~ March and April 1814


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Published Sep 23 2014
Format Hardback
Edition 2nd
Extent 392
ISBN 9781472807731
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations 165 col
Dimensions 9 x 12 inches
Series General Military
Short code GNM
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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