Steel Lobsters

Crown, Commonwealth, and the Last Knights in England

Steel Lobsters cover

Steel Lobsters

Crown, Commonwealth, and the Last Knights in England


A dramatic history of the Steel Lobsters, Sir Arthur Hesilrige's Regiment of Horse, in the English Civil War – the last fully armoured knights in England.

The 17th-century battlefield ushered in a new era, with formed musketeers and pistol-wielding cavalry gradually taking over from the knights and men-at-arms that had dominated the European battlefield. Based on a detailed study of the primary sources, Steel Lobsters tells the story of this transition through the history of the last fully armoured knights in England.

Myke Cole, an award-winning novelist, historian, and veteran, examines the life and times of Sir Arthur Hesilrige and his Regiment of Horse, known as 'the Lobsters' as they were encased in plate armour. Steel Lobsters covers the full history of England's last knights, from the seeds of their creation in Hesilrige's experience as a young cavalry officer, to their final defeat at Roundway Down in July 1643, and the decision to abandon their armour. It provides lavish detail on arms, armour, and tactics, but also covers the human story of Sir Arthur Hesilrige, the men who served under him, and even those who opposed him.

The story of this amazing unit is the story of the end of super-heavy cavalry, and this book delves into how wars were fought in the 17th century, the personalities, politics, and even spiritual beliefs of the combatants, how they fought, and why they ultimately lost.

Table of Contents

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Chapter I. The English Civil War
Chapter II. Sir Arthur Hesilrige and Richard Atkyns
Chapter III. Breitenfeld (1631) – Foreshadowing
Chapter IV. Edgehill (1642) – Planting the Seed
Chapter V. Ripple Field (1643) – Warping the Roots
Chapter VI. Lansdowne (1643) – The Lobsters Triumphant
Chapter VII. Devizes (1643) – The Lobsters Redundant
Chapter VIII. Roundway Down (1643) – The Last Stand of the Last Knights
Chapter IX. The Lobsters Today – From the Royal Horse Guards to The Blues
Chapter X. The Dustbin of History – Whither Super-Heavy Cavalry?

Product details

Published Nov 07 2024
Format Ebook (Epub & Mobi)
Edition 1st
Extent 288
ISBN 9781472863577
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations 16-page plate section in full colour
Series General Military
Short code GNM
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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