An annual publication featuring the latest research on the history, development and service of the world's warships.

Warship 2018
is devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors, this latest volume combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery and much more to maintain the impressive standards of scholarship and research from the field of warship history.

This 40th edition features the usual range of diverse articles spanning the subject by an international array of expert authors.

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Niels Iuel: 'A funny little Danish warship'
Tom Wismann investigates the conception and career of this unusual ship, designed as a low-freeboard coast defence battleship but completed as a hybrid cruiser intended to 'show the flag'.

The Battle of the River Plate: A Tactical Analysis
Alan D Zimm presents an analysis of the tactics adopted by the British Commodore Henry Harwood and his German adversary, Captain Hans Langsdorff, during the Battle of the River Plate.

Under the Guns: Battle Damage to Graf Spee, 13 December 1939
William J Jurens examines the damage sustained by Graf Spee during the battle, using contemporary British and German documents, some of which have only recently seen the light of day.

The Armoured Cruiser Jeanne d'Arc
Luc Feron and Jean Roche tell the story of the first of a series of large, fast French armoured cruisers designed by the celebrated naval architect Emile Bertin.

Breaking 'Ultra': The Cryptologic and Intelligence War between Britain and Italy, 1931–1943 85
Enrico Cernuschi provides an Italian perspective on the success of 'Ultra'.

The IJN Light Cruiser Oyodo
Hans Lengerer provides an in-depth study of this unusual vessel, designed as flagship of a Submarine Flotilla.

Coast Defence and Coast Offence: Russian Monitor Designs of the First World War Era
Stephen McLaughlin pieces together the history of a number of projects for monitor-type ships that were considered by the Imperial Russian Navy, although none were built.

Modern Naval Replenishment Vessels
Conrad Waters conducts a survey of the latest developments in replenishment at sea.

Lost in the Fog of War: Royal Navy Cruiser Designs for Trade Protection 1905–1920
David Murfin uses the notebooks of some of the most prominent British naval constructors of the day to look at the designs of cruisers for trade protection, some of which were built while others remained on the drawing board.

Amatsukaze: A Destroyer's Struggle
Michael Williams follows on from Captain Tameichi Hara's classic account of the destroyer's early career, telling the story of her service from 1943 to 1945, when Japanese fortunes were on the wane.

USS Huntington (ex-West Virginia)
A D Baker III tells the story of this large armoured cruiser and provides plans of the ship as she was in 1920.

Warship Notes
Warship Gallery

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Published May 31 2018
Format Ebook (Epub & Mobi)
Edition 1st
Extent 208
ISBN 9781472830005
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations Black and white line drawings and photographs
Series General Military
Short code GNM
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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