We recently had a very nice letter from a customer in Canada seeking to fill the gap in his Men-at-Arms collection. He has everything from #1 through to #445 except for #36 and is very keen to get it. So I went looking for it and initially struggled until I realised that we had actually done it twice. The original #36 The American War 1812-1814 with text by Philip Katcher and artwork by Michael Youens had been replaced by #226 The American War 1812-1814 with exactly the same text by Philip Katcher and new artwork by Bryan Fosten. This raised a couple of questions that I thought it was worth asking you.

First, with our new short-run printing facility we are able to bring back books in small quantiies at reasonanble prices. So if enough people were interested (around 20) we could bring back the original, with the original artwork at a reasonable price. So are you interested? Email me here to let us know. If we get enough people interested in #36 (the original) we will reprint it.

Second, we have had a few requests recently to revisit old topics that maybe have not been done quite so well in the very distant past. How would you feel about Osprey going back to battles or regiments previously done with fresh text and new artwork - would you buy them? I'm looking forward to your comments.