I am sure most regular readers will have spotted that change is afoot.

In between recruiting beta testers, switching our image hosting over to Flickr and our ongoing promises that very soon the Osprey site will evolve it has probably become quite obvious to most of you that we are on the verge of launching a brand new website.

Our current website has served us well over the last few years - but it has started to look a little rusty recently, and whilst it is still very easy for you to use...it is increasingly difficult for us to programme. So we have decided to upgrade.

Everyone here has been working madly on the new site - its going to do a whole lot more than the current site, whilst still being the best place to come for information on new books etc. I will let you all know more about it closer to the time.

And why am I telling you this? Well we decided that although the blog has found a nice home here at www.ospreyblog.com, it makes sense to combine it with our new site. So when the new site launches, the Osprey Blog will be moving across too. So, don't be shocked if the next time you try to visit the current blog site you are re-directed...we are just taking you to our new home!