Like many couples, my wife and I recently encountered a big problem. We didn\'t want to order two copies of the final Harry Potter, but neither of us could stand the other knowing what happened first. We compromised and decided that she would read the entire book out loud, while I got some painting done. (That\'s what I call a winning compromise!)

Over the course of two full days of reading, I was able to paint 4 Green Berets, 1/72 Napoleonic French Infantry, 10 Pig Iron Kolony Militia, 2 Crusader Dwarves, and a 1/72 Roman General.

A few days after this marathon, with my wife still speaking in a hoarse whisper, I happened to flip open Osprey\'s Men-at-Arms 291: Republican Army 200-104 BC and saw my general right there. Okay, there are a few subtle differences, the cloak is arranged a bit different, the tunic has some extra decoration, but can anyone really think that the sculptor wasn\'t looking at this plate while working on the figure?

It got me wondering just how many “Osprey Miniatures” are out there, charging across tabletops all over the world... maa291pd