LoV tshirt2[1]
Those of you who have been to Historicon for the past three years will already have a t-shirt with Osprey artwork sitting in their drawer for very special occasion. But for those of you who haven\'t we have been talking to Legacy of Valor, the collectibles people, about a new special clothing line. They have sent over some samples which several people in the office got very excited over.

The really special thing about these t-shirts is that they will be bespoke. You can order your size, colour and image (from a range) according to your preferences from the online store.

I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of sample shots and telling us what you think. Would you wear them? In a pub or a bar? Painting the kitchen? Or at your favourite show? Let us know and who knows - Osprey underwear next?

I\'ll keep you updated on progress.

LoV tshirt1[1]