Let me begin by saying thanks to everyone who posted a comment on the Victory at Sea review. Between the review and the comments, I think that anyone who is interested in getting into World War II naval miniatures has some great ideas for where to start. I myself was surprised by the variety of miniature companies named.

The most popular appears to be Navwar which has an extensive range of 1:3,000 scale warships. Unfortunately their website has few pictures, though I\'m sure if you scour the web you can find some. It does, however, list all the ships you need to play a number of the scenarios in Victory at Sea rulebook with the prices attached. The prices seem very affordable.

Several people also mentioned the War at Sea prepainted miniatures from Wizards of the Coast. I have to admit, this was my first thought upon reading the rules. These ships are much larger 1:600 scale. They are packaged randomly which is a serious drawback for some people.

Another company that got several mentions was GHQ. This company boasts a very large line of WWII naval vessels in 1:1,200 scale. The website is once again lacking in pictures, which is a disappointment. With the bigger scale comes a larger price.

Finally, Panzerschiffe is also worth a look. They make 1:2,400 scale vessels and have the big advantage of having pictures of the miniatures on their website, although the pictures don\'t always match the ship you click on (I think this is because they\'ve used one ship\'s picture for every ship in the same class).

All of the companies produce miniatures that would be perfect for Victory at Sea and provide a nice variation in scale and price.

Mongoose will soon be releasing Order of Battle, a supplement for Victory at Sea with all sorts of new goodies. Hopefully we can get a review copy of that as well (and maybe a couple of giveaways!)

The Victory at Sea rulebook giveaways were won by Jason Youngdale and Lutz. Thanks again to everyone.