I spent last week in Osprey's UK office and the thought stuck me that there should be some sort scholarship program--perhaps sponsored and paid for by the National Trust--to afford a lucky winner or two the opportunity to spend a week among the Osprey team at HQ.

The only problem is that the with the growth of Osprey the UK offices are now looking a little bit busy, especially now that our sister company Shire is also being run out of the Botley offices. So, instead, I thought it would be great to convince someone to also puchase this homeless vintage Coast Guard tug and tie it up next the house boats on the Thames near the Osprey offices--for the purpose of housing and honoring visiting guests.

What would be more fitting than to have a living piece of history as the surroundings for our noble enterprise? The Osprey archives could also be housed there, which would be more than a fitting honor to the old warhorse.