Wow! Thank you everybody who submitted suggestions to my previous post: What subjects have we missed?. The following is a brief overview covering those subjects on the list, what we may have done on them already and what is to come in the future. It was good to see some common ground between your list and ours. As for the rest - they will take a little while to digest.

It is almost impossible to pull out some meaningful themes from the wars, campaigns and soldiers mentioned except to say that your interest in military history is eclectic and insatiable. Some topics I noted for discussion here include the Wars of Unification in Germany and Italy, a strong showing for conflicts in Greece, Africa and South America, the Successor States of Alexander and an urgent need to get that Wurtemberg book started.

So, in no particular order, here are some books we are doing. Please be aware that although our team are great at hitting dates the further ahead we look the greater the danger of them moving - you have been warned. We are doing:

  • Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan (Elite) - July 2008
  • Special Operations Forces in Iraq (Elite) - November 2008
  • Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (Men-at-Arms) - October 2009
  • Bay of Pigs (Elite) - January 2009
  • Belgian Army in WWI (Men-at-Arms) - March 2009
  • American Loyalist Troops (Men-at-Arms) - September 2008
  • OSS (Elite) - 2010
  • Seminole Wars (Men-at-Arms) - April 2009
  • Landing Craft - Infantry & Fire Support (New Vanguard) - June 2009
  • Salamis (Campaign) - See William's superb blog posts on his progress
  • Actium (Campaign) - 2009
  • War Elephants (New Vanguard) - November 2008
  • Zeebruge Raid (A new series: Raid) - November 2009
  • A-1 Skyraiders (Combat Aircraft) - November 2009
  • East India Company Armies (Men-at-Arms) - April 2009
  • Amiens 1918 (Campaign) - June 2008
  • Battle of the Coral Sea (Campaign) - October 2009
  • Czech Legion (Men-at-Arms) - November 2008

There are a lot more on this list that we are seeking authors and illustrators for at the moment. They will eventually end up at a Publishing Meeting where your input will count. These are part of both existing and new series. We are launching two new series next year, Raid I have mentioned above and Command which was a popular request in the comments.  There are a couple of others in the pipeline - watch the blog for more announcements on all of these.

We did notice several suggestions for titles we have done already. So please go back and check the website again, just in case you missed it. If they are out of stock do not despair. You may have seen our announcement about short-run printing; we will be able to reprint a lot more titles over the coming months.

One final question - can anyone tell me why the Gran Chaco War is so popular?