Nearly everybody will have played the Top Trumps card game at some point in their lives, pitting sportscars, comic book characters or birds of prey against each other by comparing a series of fundamental, arbitrary (and occasionally pointless) categories, such as 'top speed', 'height' or the ever-dangerous 'fear factor'.

A recent lunchtime discussion resulted in yet another "who would win in a fight between..." debate. This time it concerned famous warriors and soldiers of history. While it didn't amuse as much as the classic "winged monkey versus badger with the blood pressure of a giraffe" (the answer is the badger, naturally) conversation, it did highlight some interesting and diverse views on what made the better soldier.

Some went for sheer one-on-one prowess, arguing that an Achilles would wipe the floor with most non-chiropractors, others chose a Wellington or a Napoleon, reasoning that their tactical brilliance and disciplined armies would have given them the edge. So now, in the finest Top Trumps tradition, it's up to you to decide: would Richard the Lionheart beat Robert E. Lee? Could Alexander the Great snatch victory from the jaws of defeat against Black Jack Pershing? Just how high would Vlad Tepes' 'fear factor' rating be? Any and all comments are welcomed, and if anyone wants to suggest categories in which to rate the greatest warriors of history, i might be persuaded to make up some official unofficial Osprey Trumps!