I came across this video the other day, and it started me thinking (rarely a good sign)...

Given how well-received our recent New Vanguard on War Elephants has been, and the comments on our April Fools' blog, the idea of a New Vanguard title on dogs in war might not be as impossible as it might once have seemed.

Dogs have been used throughout history as weapons of war* - from the (in)famous Soviet bomb dogs of WWII to attack dogs used by the Britons, Romans and many others, and the comparatively more genteel use of dogs to haul machine guns (Belgian Army, 1915), or as trackers, scouts and sentries - more than enough to fill a 48-page New Vanguard with 7 colour plates (though I think we'll give the cutaway a miss and opt for a battlescene...).

If there is enough serious interest in this as a topic, I will start looking for authors who could put together a book on it!

* Neither Osprey nor any of its staff condone the use of animals as weapons. Especially if they explode.