As with all our new series we will be launching two Raid titles a month for three months. Our first four titles are obvious candidates for the series:

RAID 1 Rangers Lead the War - Pointe-du-Hoc D-Day 1944
RAID 2 Israel\'s Lightning Strike - The raid on Entebbe 1976
RAID 3 Cabanatuan Prison Raid - The Philippines 1945
RAID 4 Who Dares Wins - The SAS and the Iranian Embassy Siege 1980

But with our last two of the launch titles we are doing something a little different. RAID 5 The Great Locomotive Chase - The Andrews Raid 1862 tells the incredible story of how a group of Union spies attempted to steal a Confederate train, hoping to disrupt the vital rail supplies to the Confederate stronghold of Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most colourful and dramatic smaller episodes of the American Civil War.  For those of you who live in the area you can visit the Kennesaw Civil War Museum to see the grand old locomotive The General in Georgia. But for those of you who can\'t we have some fantastic artwork of the locomotives involved by the acclaimed artist Brian Delf which should please any of our readers who are also rail enthusiasts!


RAID5_Page 32

For the final launch title we have turned to our Far Eastern specialist Stephen Turnbull who had told the story of the little-known Samurai raid on the independent kingdom of Okinawa in 1609 which had a far-reaching impact on the region for decades to come. As always the book benefits from Stephen\'s many research trips to Japan with some fantastic colour photographs of the region today as well as many quotes from original 17th century manuscripts. Hope you enjoy RAID 6 The Samurai Capture a King - Okinawa 1609 as much as the other Raid titles.


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