You may have gathered from previous posts a bit of the process that a suggestion goes through before it becomes an Osprey book, and that process is about to begin again.

In December, Editorial, Marketing and Sales will all sit down together, and, taking each series in turn, discuss which titles should be put forward to a Publishing Meeting (where numbers are agreed and projects are approved). At these 'Hitlist Meetings' editors bring proposals from potential authors or ideas of their own, the sales team brings feedback from the bookshops, and we in marketing attempt to synthesise all we have learned at shows and through the blog and forums.

The first of these meetings will take place in December and will cover Campaign, Warrior, Command, Fortress and Modelling. So, if you have any suggestions for these series (the others to follow next week) please comment below. As ever if you could make them slightly realistic we would appreciate it and passionate justifications of why it is a great topic will always help.

If you need clues here is the last post on the subject, and for the record, I'll be pushing for Talavera (a gap we have not covered in a time when Napoleonics is becoming more popular), Fallen Timbers (everyone keeps asking for it) and Troy (why not?). Finally I would like to stress we do listen. If you look back over the last couple of years a lot of your suggestions have made it into print and continue to do so. 

Let the shouting commence!