Being a lover of all things maritime I was delighted to see HMS Daring a Type 45 Destroyer is heading to its home in Portsmouth for the first time

The Type 45 destroyer's primary mission is air defence, a role that its arsenal reflects. The Principal Anti Air Missile System (Paams) is the Type 45's primary weapons platform and is designed to combat enemy missile attacks on ships. The missiles themselves are a mix of Aster 15s and Aster 30s, which can strike targets at distances of up to 30km (19 miles) and 100km (62 miles) respectively. In addition to missiles, the Type 45 also has an electro-optically guided 114mm deck gun forward and 30mm weapons on the port and starboard sides.

What I have found interesting is that the Royal Navy is currently testing 155mm guns to replace the 114mm, (the 155mm is normally associated with self propelled gun-howitzer and tanks) as well as having greater destructive power, these guns would provide a 50% increase in range.

I\'d be interested to know your thoughts on the effectiveness of using 155mm guns instead of 114mm, considering RPM and storage problems is it going to be worth it and would it serve in more of an indirect role than its current purpose?

HMS Daring stats:

- 152.4m
Beam - 21.2m (max)
Displacement - 7,350 tonnes
Range - 7,000 nautical miles
Stores - 45 days
Max speed - 28+ knots
Complement - 190 (max 235)
Crew - 190 though there is room for 235 on board