Over the last two years, few of Osprey\'s books have been reprinted and sold-out more often than Leigh Neville\'s Special Forces Operations in Iraq and Special Forces Operations in Afghanistan. Now, this talented author has turned his prowess to writing one of the year\'s best wargaming supplements, Operation Uruzgan by Ambush Alley.

For those who don\'t know, Operation Uruzgan is the name of the Australian mission in Afghanistan. Australian forces have been present in the country since 2001 and their mission is ongoing. This new book, which is available in both pdf and short-run hardcopy, is intended for the Force on Force ruleset, but is just as useful for anyone who enjoys modern wargaming.

The book starts with a brief background of the Operation and then several pages of special rules that are unique to the fighting in the Uruzgan region. It also covers the organization of Australian forces and the weapons and vehicles they use.

The real meat of the book, however, and what makes it so special are the scenarios or \'missions\'. The book contains 9 detailed missions that work hard to capture the flavour of this unique theatre. I\'ve read a lot of scenarios in my time, and I have got to say, these are some of the best. From guarding a demolitions expert, to capturing a warlord, to deciding whether or not to engage the enemy in the support of building a school, these missions seemingly have it all.

The book also contains a number of \'Fog of War\' cards, which represent special situations that might arise during a battle, such as bad communications or tripping an old Soviet landmine.

Again, although this book is written for Force on Force (or the original Ambush Alley), it is a truly invaluable guide for anyone interested in modern wargaming.

Very Highly Recommended.

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