Once a month I will be blogging my favourite piece of members area content. Currently I will choose between a battle map or a plane profile but later in the year we will have all the artwork from the New Vanguard series and most of the Men at Arms uniforms available to our members.

This month I\'ve uploaded 95 new plane profiles and plane unit insignia, along with 20 new battle maps. All this content is taken from our May 2009 publications.The content in the member\'s area now totals over 7,100 plane profiles and over 2,100 detailed battle and campaign maps from past and present Osprey titles.

The piece of artwork I have chosen this month is taken from AEU 31 23rd Firghter Group and is the P-51K \'143\' of the 76 Fighter Squadron based out of Laohwangping, China in June 1945. This aircraft was piloted by Lt Benjamin R Thompson between September 1944 and July 1945. It was a fellow pilot of Lt Thompson who adorned many of the P-51\'s with personal artwork such as Thompson\'s Bugs Bunny. \'Bugs\' holds a carrot in his left hand and a tomahawk in his right; he\'s also wearing a feather in his ear.  My guess is that he\'s a Native American bunny on the warpath!

It would be interesting to know why Lt Thompson chose \'Bugs\' or did the artist believe the Japanese fear warmongering bunnies?


I think this is a great illustration of just how big you can make the plane profiles in the members area when you zoom in on them - and the amazing detail that goes in to each and every one of these profiles. It is staggering!

Please look out for my choice of member's content next month.