Over the next couple of weeks one of our authors, Terry Crowdy, is speaking at a number of conferences in the USA. Terry has written 10 books for Osprey, on a wide range of subjects, but he is best known for his expertise and books about espionage throughout history.

The Enemy Within tells the stories of espionage from Biblical times through to the Cold War, focusing on spymasters and the spies that served them.

In a follow up to this, Terry went on to write Deceiving Hitler, which told the stories of the Allied double-cross operations and deception plans.

Terry's first port of call on his mini tour is the Raleigh Spy Conference, which runs from Wednesday 25 March through to Friday 27 March. Terry is the opening speaker on Thursday morning, and his 9am lecture is due to be broadcast live on C-Span.

Terry is then jetting off to the International Spy Museum where he will be giving at talk at 12 pm on April 1st.