Probably the single hardest thing to do when you are about to launch a new series is coming up with a new cover design. The mantra 'never judge a book by it's cover' is all very well and good. Unfortunately in these days of online shopping the pressure to come up with a fantastic cover has never been greater.

When Osprey launched our latest couple of series, Duel and Field of Glory we decided to use a completely new cover design, instead of the tried and tested Osprey format, and the reaction was so positive that we decided to risk it again with our upcoming Raid series, and went for another unique cover.

For the Raid covers we really wanted to get across the fast paced, action-packed nature of the series. So, we commissioned graphic artist Mariusz Kozik, who has a very distinctive style of illustrating. Using the latest digital techniques he really succeeds in bringing the image to life.

And below is the result - the first cover in the Raid series. Every week for the next month and a half, I am going to reveal the latest Raid cover as they become available. I hope you like this cover - let me know what you think about it!