Here at Osprey we like to do whatever we can to support charities involved with supporting the men and women who have fought for their country. In fact, only last week we held a book launch for In the Heat of Battle, which was held in conjunction with and to support the Not Forgotten Association, a charity which provides entertainment and recreation for disabled ex-service men and women.

Now, over the last couple of years I have seen some rather ingenious ideas used to raise money for charities, from running the London marathon in a full diving suit to whole rugby teams growing terrible facial hair. But this morning I stumbled across a rather strange story on the BBC website about a group of soldiers singing for charity. The male ensemble 'The Soldiers' are three ex-soldiers who have just released their debut album and single.

Part of the album\'s proceeds are planned to go directly to charities including Help For Heroes, the British Legion and the Army Benevolent Fund.

Its not really my cup of tea - but do check them out!