An article in the Independent\'s Saturday Magazine,leaving aside a slight quarrel with its title, "Return of the Sniper" (he hasn\'t exactly been away!), provides a nice updating footnote to Martin Pegler\'s gripping studies of the lethal craft, Out of Nowhere and Sniper, full-length sequels to his best-selling Elite on the subject.

Reading the piece as I watched Wimbledon, I remembered the post I wrote a couple of years ago and found myself thinking that Andy Murray's and Andy Roddick\'s first serves, with their incredible power and accuracy, were surely the tennis equivalent of the Barrett or equivalent weapons.I must say, I feared for the safety of the centre-line judges, expecting a hit to have the same effect as that seen on that, erm graphic video of Canadian snipers in action in Afghanistan (no link: this is family entertainment)! But, when neccessary they gracefully managed to dodge it, which is maybe harder to do with an incoming .50 round than a tennis ball.