I recently mentioned that at the London Book Fair this year three of the blogging team would be wearing a suit of armour. We each took it in turns. Phil took Monday, Richard the Tuesday and I took the Wednesday.

And I think it is safe to say that we have developed a great sense of respect for the men that used to go into battle wrapped up in a tin can. We each managed about 4 hours in the armour before the heat, weight, and spasming shoulder muscles took their toll. And we were only walking around making small talk and posing for photographs, not swinging a massive sword.

That aside, it was a fun experience, and certainly attracted a number of people to our stand. I did promise you some pictures of us suited up. And as I am sure you will not laugh, here goes! The first five pictures show Phil 'suiting up'...

picture_004_2 picture_005_2picture_008


The next couple of pictures are of Richard as a very jaunty Knight!


And last, but not least, here are a few of me!


And if you would like to experience the fun...and pain involved in being a Knight for a day, you should go to The Knight Shop where we rented our suit from. The internet is great, you can find everything on here...next year I want to go as a Samurai!!