For the most part, the series name Men-at-Arms is a pretty good indication of what the series is about, fighting men throughout history. There are a few aberrations and exceptions, however. There are the large group of books devoted to flags, one covers Napoleonic artillery, several look at various military equipment, but only one is completely devoted to a specific type of personal body armour.

I refer, of course, to Men-at-Arms 157: Falk Jackets: 20th-century military body armour by Simon Dunstan.

Because of its publication date, the book doesn\'t quit cover the whole of the 20th century, but it does give the full run-down on flak jackets (and proto-flak jackets) from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and more modern conflicts.

Still, what with the Interceptor Vests and other new forms of personal body armour being employed by today\'s military, perhaps it is time for an updated edition?