After much ado, Osprey Publishing has launched the first-ever Historical Miniature Showdown. We have matched up some of the best 28mm historical miniatures from 2008 and 2009 in a bracket-style tournament. Every week, we will put four of these match-ups up to a popular vote, with the winners advancing to the next round. On Friday we will announce the winners from the previous week and open up the next round of voting. We will also be running a number of special offers and contests to go along with the Showdown, so voters as well as entrants will have a chance to win a prize!

You can vote on each week\'s match-ups once a day - any extra votes will be discounted. All match-ups have been determined randomly by drawing names out of a hat. Because of the number of contestants, two companies have randomly been given a bye in the first round and will automatically advance to the second round.

It is our hope that everyone will participate in the Showdown in the sense of fun in which it was created. There are no specific voting criteria, just pick the miniatures that most appeal to you!

Now get voting and may the best miniature win!