The Osprey Book Featuring A Famous Actor

Over the years there have been quite a few alledged cameos in our books. Rumours abound about a piece of figure art which looks remarkably like Sean Bean in his role as Bernard Cornwall's Sharpe. I have been told that in one of our books there is a character that looks very much like Clint Eastwood in the background of one of the battlescenes.

But, I am never completely convinced by this talk, more often than not the resemblance is not that obvious, and it is often the perception of the reader, their view tainted by a 12 hour Sharpe marathon.

However, there is at least one book where the celebrity cameo is undeniable.

Charles Bronson, star of films like Death Wish, appears on the very last page of one of our new Raid books - Raid 2 Israel's Lightning Strike: The raid on Entebbe 1976. Why? Well for the simple reason that Bronson once played Brigadier General Dan Shomron in the film Raid on Entebbe.  Now I have to admit I have a sneaking suspicion that Phil was behind the inclusion of Bronson's image - because he is such a huge fan of much of Bronsons' work, but the caption shows that there is some method to his madness:

"The actor Charles Bronson strikes a suitably heroic pose as he plays the part of BrigGen Dan Shomron in the movie Raid on Entebbe. Shomron himself was always uncomfortable about such exposure as it did cause some envy in the upper echelons of the IDF. However he did concede that he preferred the performance by Charles Bronson over that of Arik Lavie in Operation Thunderbolt although the Israeli entertainer and singer bore a striking resemblance to Shomron. Charles Bronson was 55 years of age when he acted in Raid on Entebbe. Dan Shomron was just 38 when he commanded the real raid."